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ince independence, several programs and schemes have been launched by central and state governments for the purpose of socio economic development in India. Despite such efforts

Swachh Bharat Mission SBM

It is launched in December, 2014 and implemented by Ministry of Urban Development and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation for urban and rural areas respectively. The objective of the scheme is to elimination of the open defecation and ensures hygiene, waste management and sanitation across the nation by Oct., 2019.

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana National Urban Livelihood Mission DAY NULM

It is launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation aims at reducing urban poverty by improving livelihood opportunities through skill training and skill up gradation for self-employment, subsidised bank loans for setting up micro-enterprises, organising urban poor into self-help groups, among others.

The Mission has been categorized component wise for formulation of strategy for the implementation. The components are as follows:   

  Social Mobilisation and Institution Development (SM&ID)

      II.              Capacity Building and Training (CB&T)

    III.               Employment through Skills Training and Placement (EST&P)

    IV.               Self-Employment Programme (SEP)

      V.             Support to Urban Street Vendors

    VI.             Scheme of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH)

 Innovative and Special Projects

 Progress Report for financial year 2016-17 component wise (Purulia Municipality):

Social Mobilization & Instituitional Development

No. of SHG formed


No. of SHG received revolving fund


No. of ALF formed


No. of ALF registered


No. of ALF received revolving fund


Self Employment Programme

No. of SEP-Individual loan application sent to bank


No. of SEP-Individual loan sanctioned by bank


No. of SEP-Group loan application sent to bank


No. of SHG credit linkage


No. of SHG grading completed


Capacity Building and Training

No. of training conducted on SHG


Employment through Skills Training and Placement

Training proposal sent to SUDA for no. of candidate for FY 2016-17


No. of candidate completed training for FY 2015-16


No. of candidate in ongoing training for FY 2015-16


No. of candidate not yet started training for FY 2015-16


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSA

It has been operational since 2000 2001 by Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of School Education and Literacy to provide for a variety of interventions for universal access and retention, bridging of gender and social category gaps in elementary education and improving the quality of learning. In SSA there are various components to promote and encourage the education system in the society. Under Alternative and Innovative Education component Sanjogi Shiksha Kendra was started


The National Health Mission (NHM) encompassing two Sub-Missions, National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and National Urban Health Mission (NUHM). It is both flexible and dynamic and is intended to guide States and Union Territories towards ensuring the achievement of universal access to health care through strengthening of health systems, institutions and capabilities. The scheme is administered under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. NHM aims at “Attainment of Universal Access to Equitable, Affordable and Quality health care services, accountable and responsive to people’s needs, with effective inter-sectoral convergent action to address the wider social determinants of health”.

The mission focuses into the following objectives :

  •    Safeguard the health of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged, and move towards a right based approach to health through entitlements and service guarantees
  •   Strengthen public health systems as a basis for universal access and social protection against the rising costs of health care.
  •   Build environment of trust between people and providers of health services.
  •   Empower community to become active participants in the process of attainment of highest possible levels of health.
  •   Institutionalize transparency and accountability in all processes and mechanisms.
  •   Improve efficiency to optimize use of available resources.


The outcome of the mission in the stipulated time frame would be evaluated on the basis of the indicators as follows:

  1. Reduce MMR to 1/1000 live births
  2. Reduce IMR to 25/1000 live births
  3. Reduce TFR to 2.1
  4. Prevention and reduction of anaemia in women aged 15–49 years
  5. Prevent and reduce mortality & morbidity from communicable, non- communicable; injuries and emerging diseases
  6. Reduce household out-of-pocket expenditure on total health care expenditure
  7. Reduce annual incidence and mortality from Tuberculosis by half
  8. Reduce prevalence of Leprosy to <1/10000 population and incidence to zero in all districts
  9. Annual Malaria Incidence to be <1/1000
  10. Less than 1 per cent microfilaria prevalence in all districts
  11. Kala-Azar Elimination by 2015, <1 case per 10000 population in all blocks


It is launched in June, 2015 under Ministry of Urban Development with objective to improve and increase the quality of life of the people by improving and augmenting the service delivery and capacity building. The focus areas of the scheme are: Water Supply, Drainage, Sewerage and Septage, Urban Transportation and Green Space Development.

Purulia is one of the towns selected among the 59 towns/cities of West Bengal under AMRUT. The first step of the mission was to prepare SLIP (Service Level Improvement Plan) for the above said areas. The aspect of SLIP is to assess the existing situation and service levels gaps in the service delivery. Purulia Municipality has prepared and submitted SLIP for all areas i.e. Water Supply, Sewerage facilities & Septage Management, Storm Water Drainage, Urban Transportation and Green Space & Park in October, 2015.

Based on the SLIP, in the sector of Green Space and Park government had sanctioned the project for the development of one children park for the year 2015-16. The details of the proposed park

“Prahlad Bauri Sishu Uddayan” are as follow:

Sl. No.




Submission of vetted detailed project report



Technical Approval by State Level Technical Committee (SLTC)



Administrative Approval by State High Powered Steering Committee (SHPSC)



Publish of tender (3rd Call)



Tender Submission



Technical Opening



Financial Opening



For the year 2016-17, government had sanctioned two more green space development projects for Purulia Municipality. In this regard ULB had selected two parks for development namely; (1) Jubilee Park located at Purulia Municipality Office campus, and (2) Sarovar Park located along Lang Road. As per requirement vetted detail project report for both the park had been prepared and submitted at dated 22nd September, 2016 and had been approved by State Level Technical Committee and forwarded to State High Powered Steering Committee for further approval.